A business’ eCommerce website is its very lifeline, especially when its aesthetics and functionality are at their peak. Beyond its good looks, a good website attracts customers with punchy and concise content, delivers direct and actionable information, and builds a strong brand. With its 10+ years of experience, 1804WebSolutions can build you such an eCommerce website quickly and efficiently!

In the digital age, most people use eCommerce websites for shopping. Whether it’s clothing, food, cosmetics, tools, pet food, or medicine, you can get it online. As such, designing attractive and functional websites has become paramount for a large number of businesses.

Whether you’ve just established your store or you’ve had it for some time, we can improve your profits with the right tools! Our team has more than 10 years of experience in building highly functional and profitable eCommerce  stores for small and large-scale businesses. Regardless of the industry, we can help you build a profitable eCommerce website for it!


We use the WordPress management system to let customers easily navigate the website. With well-placed menus and a clutter-free interface, the store will allow any client to instantly find specific information and products. Crystal-clear information and easy navigation are where we excel!

With WooCommerce Store App, you can manage the store on-the-go. Add or delete products, edit descriptions, and make various adjustments with only a few clicks! Taking care of your website’s needs has never been easier, and that’s just how we like it.

Check your website’s analytics and traffic with the Google Site Kit we provide! It’s a seamless and easy way of assessing your website’s performance in just a few moments. The numbers are there for you to check at any time. This gives you an idea of your store’s needs over time.

An excellent eCommerce store needs to be able to communicate with customers in real time. This is where the chat app comes into play. It works seamlessly at just the press of a button, and your customers will like the professional approach. A store without a chat app is much less efficient at attracting and keeping customers!

Marketing your eCommerce business is made simple with the Mailchimp newsletter integration. Just enter your email marketing list and let the app do the rest! This feature enhances your marketing efforts infinitely because it does everything for you. eCommerce stores need efficient marketing, and Mailchimp takes care of that!

We can install any payment gateway, including PayPal credit card express checkout. Many customers prefer paying with their debit or credit cards instead of cash. A performant eCommerce website needs to have functional payment gateways ready for the heavy influx of customers!

Your customers need to track their shipments, and we install an easy-to-use interface for this. Every store needs one of these for added professionalism and customer satisfaction. Clients will be able to check the shipment status at any moment, and see whether their shipment is on time or if there’s been any delay.

A blog section adds extra appeal to an eCommerce website. Your customers can read product news and interesting blog articles, which may convince them to buy a product. A blog section shows the extra care and attention you offer to your customers’ needs. We use WordPress for ease of use and efficiency!

Our eCommerce stores come with Yoast and SEMrush connected to help with keyword research. Adapt your store for specific keywords at any time with the added assistance of these SEO programs! We can help you polish the store with SEO Basics for added customer traction.

Your store will come with Updraftplus Premium, which transforms backup procedures a seamless and transparent process. You’ll be able to save and restore backups to and from multiple mediums in a few easy steps!

To further secure your website, we provide WordFence Premium, a $99-a-year program that provides additional security measures. Customer privacy and security are paramount for any good eCommerce website, after all.

For a blazing-fast eCommerce website, we offer WP Rocket Premium, valued at $40 per year. Its incredible caching abilities will increase client conversion and improve SEO rankings thanks to the added loading speed on WordPress-based websites. Speed is always important for eCommerce stores!

You can print shipping labels with WooCommerce Shipping for USPS and DHL! Product labels are essential for a functional eCommerce store, and they add a note of professionalism to your brand. Clients will trust your store more with the right print shipping labels!


What makes a great eCommerce website? Is it the user-friendly interface, accessible information, clutter-free menus, intuitive checkout procedures, or a well-established brand? All of these are, in fact, essential for an efficient online store, and Rapidd Delivery Technologies excels at building such websites!

We also incorporate SSL security and 3rd party payment processors into your online store, for added security. Many would-be customers often avoid stores that lack these security elements. Our goal is building a comprehensively-adapted eCommerce website for you.


Initially, we’ll assess your brand and business idea for an adequately-sized online store. Once you clarify your objectives and needs, we can start building the eCommerce website. We’ll also include a website blueprint detailing all the elements used in your store. Our website building process is made up of two phases:

  • Planning – Business Analysis, Competition Analysis, Information Architecture
  • Design & Development – Design Mockups, Front-end development, Back-end or CMS development, Quality Assurance Testing, Beta Launch, Live Launch

1804WebSolutions builds highly-performant eCommerce websites!


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